Axonal Transport in Neuronal Growth and Regeneration

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CNS axons have some regenerative capacity during development, but this is lost with maturity.

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Two reasons for the failure of CNS regeneration are extrinsic inhibitory molecules, and a weak intrinsic capacity for growth. Extrinsic inhibitory molecules have been well characterized, but less is known about the neuron-intrinsic mechanisms which prevent axon re-growth.

Jiaxing Li and Catherine A. Collins

Linking axon transport to regeneration using in vitro laser axotomy. Neural Regen Res ; Figure 1: Cell culture model to study the intrinsic axonal regeneration response. A A three-step set-up to investigate axonal regeneration in cultured neurons. In this example, primary cortical neurons were plated on a glass-bottomed imaging dish and were transfected with various DNA plasmids. The axons of the transfected neurons underwent laser axotomy and were video recorded for 14 hours.

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The arrow shows the site of injury. B Representative images of a non-regenerating axon upper panels and a regenerating axon lower panels from cortical neurons that were cultured for two weeks.

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  7. The asterisk indicates the location of the proximal stump after one-hour post-axotomy, while the arrow marks the growth cone at indicated time-point. There is no difference in distal degeneration rate when comparing between regenerating and non-regenerating axons.

    Axonal G3BP1 stress granule protein limits axonal mRNA translation and nerve regeneration

    Court 1 , 2. Full text PDF Related articles. Abstract Sensory neurons from dorsal root ganglion efficiently regenerate after peripheral nerve injuries.

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