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The stairs are extremely steep, but not that long at all, so can be done by anyone in a reasonable physical shape. Also worth a short visit is the Ordination Hall ceremony hall , just next to the temple. It quickly became our favorite place in Bangkok! In addition, it houses the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand.

Wat Pho is also considered the first public university of Thailand and the birthplace of Thai massage. There are many images, statues, and inscriptions that show instructions for Thai massage. I think it has to do a lot with the fact that we had the whole place practically to ourselves. We visited Wat Pho temple complex just before closing time, so it was really quiet with just a few other tourists inside. Also, seeing all the beautiful buildings lit up at dusk was truly magical. Even if you have just one day in Bangkok, Wat Pho is a must!

As I mentioned before, there was no floating market that we could easily include in our one day Bangkok itinerary on a Friday, but our guide suggested a nice alternative. The history of this market dates hundreds of years ago. Our guide told us that there used to be a fish market here in the past. It was then decided to move the fish market away. Instead, vendors selling flowers, fruit, and vegetables overtook the area.

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Flowers are a real bargain here, very tempting to take some home…. It was an impressive sight to witness all the hustle and the bustle at the Pak Khlong Talat market in the evening. Huge bags of flowers and fruit being loaded on trucks, push carts, and even motorbikes. And a huge variety of exotic fruit and vegetables, many types of which we had never seen before….

Lotus flowers — I never knew they looked like this!

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This short pedestrian street of just m 0,25 miles was recommended to us as one of the must-see places in Bangkok. Then add hundreds of street-food vendors selling anything from fresh fruit smoothies, chicken sate and Pad Thai to roasted crocodile or scorpion on a stick…. Khao San road is a place like no other, even for Thai standards. If you want to do any shopping in Bangkok, wait till you get to Khao San road. You can buy any Thai souvenirs including the colorful Thai pants with little elephants that everyone wears at the Grand Palace for a fraction of the price here.

Prices are really low and if you are willing to negotiate, you can find some really good deals here. We stayed clear off all the fake designer stuff, but kids bought some souvenirs for less than half the price of other places. If you are brave enough to taste all the special food that you heard you can find in Thailand, then Khao San Road is definitely the place to be. You can really find all kinds of food on Khao San road in Bangkok! As you can see, we managed to see quite a lot in just one day in Bangkok.

Please note that we only spent 8 hours in Bangkok city, including transfers from the airport and back. So if you have a longer Bangkok stopover and are staying in the city, you could see and do even more in one day. If you are short on time and want to see the best that Bangkok has to offer, I really recommend you look into booking a private tour.

A local guide will save you hours of time, lots of guesswork, and will provide invaluable information about the places that you visit. The private guided Bangkok day tour cost around 90 EUR. In addition, we had to pay the same amount for the hire of the private driver with a van and about 16 EUR for fuel, toll, and parking fees. So hiring a private guide with a van and a driver for 8 hours cost EUR for 5 people. Furthermore, a 12 hour layover meant that our bags were not checked-in for the entire journey and we had all our luggage with us.

Grand Palace entrance fees were the biggest cost of our day in Bangkok. In addition to the fees for the guide, the car, and the driver, we also paid entrance fees for the temples local guides enter free of charge and for the long-tail boat hire. Since our kids are all taller than the maximum height requirement, we had to pay adult entrance fees. After all, we saw the best of Bangkok in a day without having to spend any money on accommodation or paying extra for the flights.

If you want to book the same private guide for a day in Bangkok as we did, click here and choose your travel date and the number of people. The system will also ask you to choose the starting time of the tour. You can afterwards send a message to the company and arrange all the details. If you need a car, airport pick-up, or anything else, you can ask for it after you reserve the guide. There are obviously many more private guides and companies that can arrange your private day tour in or near Bangkok.

Bangkok Days by Lawrence Osborne - book review

I read lots of reviews and shortlisted four different companies. We ended up booking this private tour because on their flexibility, attention to our wishes, and very competitive rates. That will also make it easier to decide where to go and what to see in Bangkok if your time in the city is really limited. First and the most important is the duration of your layover. I would only consider visiting the city if your Bangkok layover is at least 8 hours, ideally more.

A lot also depends on what time your flights are. Keep in mind that it takes some time to get out of the airport. Furthermore, it will take you at least min to drive to town even more during rush hours , plus the same amount of time to get back to the airport. Also, you really need to plan to be back at the BKK airport at least hours before your international flight. Traffic can be worse than expected.

Bag drop , security checks , and passport control can easily take over an hour. It took us over 1,5 hours, plus the time to get to the gate — a total of 2 hours. We hardly had time to get dinner and spend our last cash…. And there was this enormous line and it was like Every line was being called out by number in this soft automated female voice. It felt like being squeezed through a tube of toothpaste. It was so horrifyingly anonymous.


I wish I could be back in Bangkok and be treated like a human being. Yes, I know the feeling. Oh, and one more thing I almost forgot: How many nights does it take to make a hard man humble? Laughs Well, one night is all it takes, really. But who knows? There are different levels of humility.

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Some people find it takes hundred and hundreds of nights. Jim Benning asks about it. That's when she discovered her inner stalker. Thompson's trail in Bolivia. Julia Ross Great interview, Frank. Lots of issues here that will resonate with any expat who has lived in Asia. Terry Ward The social loneliness angle is really fascinating. Putting this book next on my list. Sophia Dembling Bangkok was the first Asian city I ever saw. It is a very vivid memory. Matthew I also met up with him for a few beers and he was excellent company. Jenny Staying up late into the night reading and reminiscing about Bangkok.

I spent a few months in Thailand in and then returned again in It is a crazy, conflicted place where you see it all laid out before you - I love it and hate it. Despite changing skylines and the onslaught of technology it is still a place that can make you feel very, very foreign and very, very glad to be there.

James I first experienced BKK in , and soon will be making my 18th trip there and possibly will retire there in early Lots of people land at the airport and depart for places in Thailand other than Bangkok-a shame I think because this is a very vibrant city. It is indeed a tactile city, not just the massage places, but the shear number of people on the streets, on the skytrain, and walking about generally.

This is anathema to the US where most folks simply take their cars wherever they go, and totally lose out on the day-to-day contact with others. What exactly it aimed to uncover I am not sure. The cast of characters are all escaping something, sea By no means a holistic capture of life at an expat in Bangkok, not even close.