Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal

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Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal

Following the initial email, you will be contacted by the shop to confirm that your item is available for collection. Call us on or send us an email at. Outline the shape of the ear, but dont probe inside. For women, notice the feel of the soft upper cheek versus his whisker stubble or beard.

Come to the lips and outline them lightly.

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The lips may naturally part when touched. Explore this sensual terrain teasingly without probing a finger inside. Conclude the caress with both hands over the face, then release them slowly. Share a heart salutation and know that the wonder you created in this caress comes from you. Before you switch giver and receiver roles, the receiver should take a moment to share what that experience was like. Use words that can instruct your lover about his touch, such as how his pressure or speed was for you. Discuss what parts you liked best, where he could have lingered longer, and what parts he may have missed.

Try doing a face caress on yourself. Set aside time, light a candle, and sit in front of a mirror. You are now both giver and receiver. Gaze and breatheeven give yourself a heart salutation. Honor yourself with your own heartfelt touch. Notice how your skin drinks in the sensations. Observe how present you can be with yourself.

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  5. Close your eyes, lie down if youd like, and allow the flow of love to come into your being through your fingertips. Give yourself the full time allotted for the caress. You can enjoy all the body caresses as an expression of self-love. By now you are getting familiar with the opening sequence for starting a caress. You choose either the active or the passive role, decide on a time frame, set the timer, then bow in a heart salutation and connect through ocean breathing.

    This opening ritual, taking only a few minutes, signals a clear departure from the ordinary day and ordinary time, and the beginning of body time. By repeating the simple ritual, the mind slips more readily into surrender, and the body steps forward to take the lead. A meaningful addition to this calming sequence is to set an intention for your caress. By deciding on an intention, you shape or define your experience more precisely. Youll find that having an intention deepens the experience and can bring you back to noticing body sensations when your mind wanders off.

    You may intend simply to listen for each breath, or to feel a flow of appreciation between you and your partner, or to feel each sensation, or to love yourself more deeply. It becomes an anchor that can help return you to the present moment when you get distracted. We change ordinary touch into sacred touch simply by our intention to do so. Stating an intention can be done silently to yourself or stated out loud to your partner, which is a more powerful gesture.

    Be sure to state your intention with positive language. For example, if you intend not to worry about. The humble gesture of bathing and caressing the feet, in or out of the bathtub, is a most delightful and enjoyable act. Begin by filling a small tub or pan with warm water and adding some bath salts. Place two towels, soap, and lotion or oil nearby.

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    Once you begin your caress, you will not want to be interrupted by trying to find these items. Place large pillows on the floor for the receivers comfort, as well as extra pillows for under the knees to support the entire leg. Choose the active partner the massage giver , set your timer for twenty minutes, and bow in an honoring heart salutation.

    Both partners should try to construct a positive, one-sentence intention and express it either silently to themselves or verbally to each other.

    Erotic Massage Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal | Breathing | Massage

    Gaze and ocean breathe together; enjoy how the familiar ritual grounds you in the body. When ready, the man, in this case, lifts the womans feet slowly into the tub or pan of water. Lather her feet with soap and explore the tactile sensations by playing with the feet under water. Take one foot out of the basin and place it on a towel lain over your thigh. Again soap the foot using both hands.

    Download Erotic Massage Sensual Touch For Deep Pleasure And Extended Arousal 2011

    Slide a finger between the toes. Feel where they meet the ball of the foot. Tug gently on the toes, letting them slip out between your fingers. Enjoy the slippery skin for your pleasure. Return the foot to the bath, and repeat on the other foot. Move slowly in long, continuous strokes. Coach your partner to breathe fully if her breath is shallow, uneven, or quiet. Intimacy is increased by deep breathing together. Place the second foot back in the tub and rinse. Take the first foot out and wrap it carefully in a towel like a babys bunting. Do the same with the second foot.

    Move the water tub aside to give you a free, unencumbered space for caressing. Dry the first foot unhurriedly, paying special attention to the space between the toes. Rest the foot on your thigh. Explore the foot with light touching as you did in the hand caresses. If your partner is ticklish, stroke using more pressure and let up when she relaxes. Rub massage oil or lotion on your hands, gently covering the entire foot.

    Lightly stroke with two hands the top and bottom of the foot simultaneously. If we are ticklish, we cannot be touched; hence, we are safe from feeling sensations or becoming sexual. Our feet are particularly vulnerable, because they are rarely touched but very sensitive. Remind a ticklish partner to focus on the point of skin-to-skin contact with a deep breath.

    Be patient, and move even more slowly, with a slightly firmer touch. Return to a lighter touch when possible. Helping a partner get over blocks to pleasure is worth the effort. The feet are a perfect starting point.

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    5. Cap the heel firmly with your hand and massage the ball of the foot with your other hand. Hold the ball of the foot and squeeze the heel till it gradually pops out of your grip. Do it several times.