The Beast-Jewel of Mars

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Women looked at Stark.

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Women graceful as cats, bare to the waist, their skirts slit at the sides above the thigh, wearing no ornaments but the tiny golden bells that are the particular property of the Low-Canal towns, so that the air is always filled with their delicate, wanton chiming. Valkis had a laughing, wicked soul. Stark had been in many places in his life, but never one before that beat with such a pulse of evil, incredibly ancient, but strong and gay. Jekkara was not sleeping despite the lateness of the hour. The Low Canal towns never sleep, for they lie outside the law and time means nothing to them.

In Jekkara and Valkis and Barrakesh night is only a darker day. Carse walked beside the still black waters in their ancient channel, cut in the dead sea-bottom.

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He watched the dry wind shake the torches that never went out and listened to the broken music of the harps that were never stilled. Lean lithe men and women passed him in the shadowy streets, silent as cats except for the chime and the whisper of the tiny bells the women wear, a sound as delicate as rain, distillate of all the sweet wickedness of the world. They paid no attention to Carse, though despite his Martian dress he was obviously an Earthman and though an Earthman's life is usually less than the light of a snuffed candle along the Low Canals, Carse was one of them.

The men of Jekkara and Valkis and Barrakesh are the aristocracy of thieves and they admire skill and respect knowledge and know a gentleman when they meet one. And we accept all this, while we are immersed in the story. That's the acceptance-effect of the moral distorter field. For the way the acceptance-effect works elsewhere, see the page on moral dimensions. I don't care, but -.

1. ,14 - 'Clouds/Orchestrina' (The Mars Volta leak)

Answer: because I'm right. The distorter field works. Should we let it?

Leigh Brackett and the Old Solar System

I'm only considering it on your terms, understand. Not minding for myself. It's right and proper. For since the stories enhance our lives, they needed to be written; and since they had to be written, they had to possess the distorter field - otherwise they would have been bad, for there would have been no translation from one mode to another: we would have had to approve of evil, bloodshed, etc, directly.

I used to have a variant of this sort of problem with the Zothique tales of Clark Ashton Smith. They were full of horror and evil, necromancy etc, but also very colourful. In the end I accepted the horror as just a colour, or flavour. And that was that.


That's how it works. See also the extract, A snowy but habitable asteroid.

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For some discussion leading to remarks which exonerate The Secret of Sinharat from a charge of relevantitis, see the Diary for 7th January For a literary comparison see Leigh Brackett, Keith Laumer and cosmic tragedy. Thank you. Read More.

This isn't a world, and yet, it is. It's realistic, but OSS, all the same. While reading From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne, the book mentions a work of fiction by a Sir John Herschel, who had apparently improved a telescope's. Space: is a tabletop rpg that brings the Old Solar System to life. Old Mars, shaped again.


The red deserts and canal cities of a falling Mars that. I am working on a story whose opening scene is planned to be on Callisto with a view of Jupiter. In Chapter 5, an explicit reference to the events of Brackett's story "The Beast-Jewel of Mars" Planet Stories , Winter has been cut, perhaps on the assumption that readers of the novel would not know or be interested in the earlier story. The Arabic word " khamsin " is consistently replaced by "storm wind", perhaps on the grounds that readers might not be familiar with the word or mistake it for a Martian technical term.

This story was first published under the title Queen of the Martian Catacombs in the pulp magazine Planet Stories , Summer In , after considerable revision and expansion, it was republished as The Secret of Sinharat as one part of an Ace Double novel; its companion was another expanded Eric John Stark story, People of the Talisman.

The expansion has sometimes been attributed to Brackett's husband, Edmond Hamilton [1]. For The Secret of Sinharat , there is little internal evidence to support this suggestion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Secret of Sinharat Cover of first edition.