The Decay of the Angel (The Sea of Fertility, Book 4)

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It is On the surface, the story follows a brief love affair between Kiyoaka and a young girl named Satoko,but the real subject of the novel is the friendship between Kiyoaki and his best friend Honda. The affair between Kiyoaki and Satoko finally ends and Satoko disappears behind the walls of an abbey never to be seen in public again.

It is only then that Kiyoaki knows that he wants to be with Satoko, but he cannot get her to leave the abbey. Kiyoaki finally goes to the abbey with a fever, where he is turned away again once again by the head of the order. As days pass , his fever gets worse and he is unable to continue going to the abbey. Eventually he sends Honda in his place to speak to Satoko who gets turned away as well.

The book ends with Kiyoaki's death. He is twenty years old.

The Decay of the Angel (The Sea of Fertility, a Cycle of Four Novels, Book 4)

Book two picks up with Honda's life twenty years after the death of his friend Kiyoaki in Honda is now a judge in the Japanese legal system. While attending a kendo match as a favor to a friend, he sees a young man named Isao, who he recognizes as the reincarnation of Kiyoaka. Isao is a political fanatic who becomes involved in a plot to kill a group of Japanese businessmen who he feels are corrupting the country.

He plans to assasinate these people and afterwards commit seppuku ritual suicide , but his plot is uncovered and he is charged by the government with treason. Honda resigns his judgeship to represent Isao at his trial where he successfully defends him, only to leave Isao resentful at not having his destiny "fullfilled". The second novel of the Sea of Fertility series deals with the political fanaticism that led Japan into the Second World War.

Book three begins is set in It centers around a Thai princess.

Honda,now no longer a judge but a private lawyer is asked by a company to go to Thailand to settle a dispute that has begun when a shipment of damaged goods arrives in that country. While in Thailand he decides to see if he can visit the family of two classmates that both he and Kiyoaka knew in high school. His guide tells him that the two people that he knew are now living abroad, but that he can visit one member of their family. A seven year old girl who is a princess. Everyone in her family believes her to be crazy because ever since she's been able to talk she's been telling everyone that she is not really a Thai princess but a reincarnation of someone from Japan.

Book four begins in Honda is now 76 years old. His wife has died and he is now retired from the law. He travels a great deal by himself. A metal voice crying out sadly though not sad, pleading an agony of joy. Toru liked to look at people as at animals in a zoo Cries and laughter came from all the pens and all the cages. Rainbow animals. Something came over him to drive away his consciousness of old age, a sort of pleading, as if he had buried his face in her warm bosom.

IT would be no trouble at all, tearing this world up by the roots and returning it to the void.

All he had to do was die. He took a certain minor pride in the thought that an old man who would be forgotten still had in death this incomparably destructive weapon.

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For him the five signs of decay held no fear. The whiteness, the abandonment of the self, the uncertainty and loneliness were themselves a ship. The waves as they broke were a manifest vision of death. It seemed to him that they had to be. They were mouths agape at the moment of death. Gasping in agony, they trailed numberless threads of saliva.

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Each purple in the twilight became a livid mouth. Into the gasping mouth of the sea plunged death. Showing death nakedly time and time again, the sea was like a constabulary. It swiftly disposed of the bodies, hiding them from public gaze. Some as they lost their shape, were tinged rose. Wings are dangerous weapons. They invite self destruction before they can be used. They had been eaten away by the shadows, by the deep melancholy of a concept. That was not life, thought Honda. It was something less easy to excuse. It was a disease unrelated to existentialist theories, the flesh itself being the disease, latent death.

History knew the truth. History was the most inhuman product of humanity. It scooped up the whole of human will and, like the goddess Kali in Calcutta, dripped blood from its mouth as it bit and crunched. The last volume of the "Sea of Fertility" series.

Mishima committed suicide on the day that he delivered the manuscript to his publisher by first trying to overthrow the government, and committing seppukku after this failed and he was cornered. Again a different translator, but this one reads well. Here's an excerpt: "The sea lost its serenity.

Even as it rose it broke at the skirts, and ragged spurts of white from its high belly like a call of inexpressible sorrow became a sharply smooth yet infinitely cracked glass, like a vast spray. As it rose and broke, the forelocks were combed a beautiful white, and as it fell it showed the neatly arrayed blue-white of its crown, and the lines of white became a solid field of white; and so it fell, like a severed head.

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