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One of pop culture's great enduring unsung heroes: Gary Dell'Abate, Howard Stern Show producer, miracle worker, professional good sport, and servant to the King of All Media, tells the story of his early years and reveals how his chaotic childhood and early obsessions prepared him for life at the center of the greatest show on earth. Baba Booey!

It was a slip of the tongue--that unfortunately was heard by a few million listeners--but in that split second a nickname, a persona, a rallying cry, and a phenomenon was born. Some would say it was the moment Gary Dell'Abate, the long-suffering heroic producer of The Howard Stern Show, for better or worse, finally came into his own.

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In They Call Me Baba Booey , Dell'Abate explains how his early life was the perfect training ground for the day-to-day chaos that comes with producing the most popular radio show on earth. Growing up on Long Island in the s, the youngest of three boys born to a clinically depressed mother, Gary learned how to fend for himself when under attack.

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Obsessed with music, he listened with religious intensity to Casey Kasem's Top 40 every Sunday morning, compulsively bought 45s of his favorite songs, and nerdily copied the lyrics into a notebook. Music became an ordering principle to his life, even as the chaos at home got out of hand. Dell'Abate's memoir sketches the trajectory from the obsessive pop-music trivia buff to the man in the beekeeper's mask who handily defeats his opponents playing "Stump the Booey.

They Call Me Baba Booey by Gary Dell'Abate

Hilarious, painful, and eye-opening, it's Gary as you've never seen him before, telling a story that even Stern show insiders can't begin to imagine. Publisher: Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Book Release date: November 2, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

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You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again. When I got home from school, I never knew which mood of my mom was gonna be on the other side of the door.

That's very good preparation if you want to be a producer. Dell'Abate: Oh my god, absolutely. I was surprised by how many people who read the book so far have come to me and identified with it in some way. Dell'Abate: We're all waiting to see what happens.


A year or so ago I started meeting with different producers I met with one producer who said, "There's no doubt in my mind that you'll have no problem working somewhere else. My fear for you is you'll never find another job that you love as much as this one. Dell'Abate: I really do. I'm working with a talent that comes along once in a generation.

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Why tell your story now? That is a craft that you learn as you get older. Every time I read that chapter I cry. I cried when I read it for the audio book and people have told me that when they read it, they cried. Have Howard, Robin, and the rest of the gang gone easier on you knowing all the fucked-up details of your life?

When you walk into that room, you know what you signed up for. And nothing goes under their radar. You seem to take everything they say in stride, but are there any things that still get under your skin after 27 years of doing the show? Would you do it again if you were offered the chance?